PCT has the knowledge and experience to help bring the power and flexibility of a state-of-the-art network to your school or business. From hardware to software to security, whatever your network needs, we can provide it.

We can design and install cabling, connectors, and distribution racks quickly and affordably. We can also help configure and manage your network software, regardless of whether you run Windows, Linux, or something in between.

We Can Help You...

  • Design and construct a new network infrastructure for your school or business.
  • Set up and manage your network servers and clients.
  • Upgrade or simplify your existing network.
  • Troubleshoot networking issues from both the hardware side and the software side.
  • Leverage wireless technologies to extend your network to new areas or even off-site.
  • Install and manage a high-security, multi-purpose firewall/router that can serve as a secure gateway between your network and the rest of the internet.

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Image of ethernet switch.