DotMLS: Real Estate Solutions

PCT's DotMLS platform provides realtors with a highly customizable, feature-rich online presence that they can use to enhance their client's overall experience. Although originally designed to interface with Risco Inc.'s Voyager™ product, the DotMLS system can be adapted to work with almost any MLS system.


  • Highly configurable template based architecture. Supports almost any design you can think of!
  • Customizable feature set allows product to be tailored to your exact needs and budget.
  • Designate featured properties to focus client interest.
  • Clients can maintain favorite property lists and be notified of changes.
  • Site can be up in as little as 48 hours when using a pre-fab design.
  • Custom site designs to your specifications in a little as 7 days!


Starting from just $399 per year including web hosting. (Premium features may require an additional fee.)

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